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We offer a variety of membership and training options for beginner, intermediate, and elite athletes. All training and memberships include:

  • Full physical assessment
  • Individualized programming
  • Direct coaching every session

We also offer Weightlifting Clinics, Seminars and Coaching Courses. Clinics and seminars cover weightlifting approach and instruction tailored to each specific audience. Coaching Courses aim to further develop the understanding of weightlifting and its principles, and how a coach can to apply these principles to their athletes. If you are interested in hosting one of our events at your gym, please contact us to discuss further details.

Monthly Membership Plans

Unlimited Training
$175per month
Train Twice a week
$125per month

Single Session Membership

10 Sessions
$300for 10 training sessions
75 Minute Session
$80per session
Drop in Rate
$40per session

Online Coaching & Video Analysis

Online Coaching
$225for 3 months
  • Weightlifting programming for 3 months
  • Video analysis by Head Coach Danny Casey
  • Video analysis by USAW L5 Sr. Int'l Coach Marc Chasnov ($60 extra)
Video Analysis
$80per series
  • Video analysis
  • Technical critique by Marc Chasnov, USAW L5 Sr. Int'l Coach

Clinic and Seminar Breakdown

  • Introduction
  • Warm Up Protocol and Pre-lift Stretching
  • Drill & Stick Work
  • Lifting with Technical Instruction
  • Cool Down
  • Q&A Session
  • Introduction and Lecture
  • Warm Up Protocol and Pre-lift Stretching
  • Drill Work for Snatch
  • Snatch Practice
  • Drill Work for Clean & Jerk
  • Clean & Jerk Practice
  • Q&A Session

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