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The New York Weightlifting Academy is the only gym in the New York metro-area exclusively dedicated to Olympic Weightlifting. The NYWA aims to further the instruction and education of Olympic Weightlifting under the guidance of Senior International Coach, Marc Chasnov. Our goal is to greater enhance participation in Olympic Weightlifting through coaching and educational seminars. The NYWA also has a competitive USAW registered team that regularly competes.

Building better weightlifters

one athlete at a time

Individualized Programming

Individualized Programming

Whether you're brand new to weightlifting or competing at a national level, we take into account your athletic ability and skill level in order to successfully provide appropriate programming.

Elite Coaching

Elite Coaching

Our coaching staff is comprised of USA Weightlifting Level 2 and Level 5 coaches, Level 5 being the highest possible coaching certification. We're more than willing to work with any athlete driven to make, meet, and exceed their athletic goals.

Technique Assessment

Technique Assessment

Our coaches provide constant feedback to athletes throughout the entire duration of training sessions. We also offer remote coaching via video, which can be found on our Memberships page.

Athlete Testimonials

Ben K.

I've averaged two PR's every week for the past two months and I owe it all to Danny Casey and the New York Weightlifting Academy. After training alone for most of my life, I've finally found a place I'm proud to call home. Great coaching and an atmosphere to match are very tough to find these days. It's worth the search.

Devon Q.

I worked with Dan three times a week for a majority of the summer. He was quickly able to pin-point my weaknesses and to develop a plan which would convert them to become my strengths. My overall goal was to become a stronger athlete and individual. Soon after I met Dan I broke my hand during a basketball game, yet he continued to work with me, adjusting my workout to accommodate my injury. I came into my pre-season stronger and faster and had the best season of my career.

Kristin H.

I was introduced to olympic lifting many years ago when I went to CF Hoboken, and then again more recently from another CF facility. Initially I found Danny listed on the USA Weightlifting site, but soon learned he works all over the NY area with different CF facilities coaching Olympic lifting seminars, with huge success and a great reputation. I came to Danny with very little olympic lifting experience and was a little anxious before I walked through the doors. That quickly dissipated as Danny was warm, friendly, funny, and eased me right into the flow of his training. We work on our weaknesses and celebrate all the little victories. Danny is an incredible coach-he can say the same thing to me 10 times in one evening, while remaining patient and motivating. I also love that there are all abilities and ages present on any given day, men and women-we all work together and support one another. There's also time to laugh and not take yourself so seriously. Danny has created a space that is positive and motivating.

Ramiz M.

Dan is an amazing teacher. He's patient and respectful. The gym itself has a great vibe. No egos. Intense when lifting, but humorous in the lulls. I personally, have met some wonderful, interesting people here.


On a friends recommendation, I starting seeing Danny to improve my lifts. After a month with him, I quit CrossFit to pursue olympic lifting exclusively. This is a testament to his coaching abilities. I have not only increased my lifts, but have seen a huge increase in strength and range of motion as well as refining my technique. I've seen Danny work with beginners who have never touched a barbell up to national level athletes. He can quickly assess any level lifter and target weaknesses. He programs for each athlete individually based on weaknesses and goals. His ability to connect with each athlete on a personally level and help them achieve their goals is unparalleled. Danny not only caters to oly lifters but athletes from all sports. Give him a call. You will not regret it!


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