Meet The Coaches

While we often put up pictures and videos highlighting all of the lifters within the New York weightlifting Academy, seldom do we feature any lifting or credentials from the coaches.

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Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes Seminar

Olympic Weightlifting For Athletes is an all-encompassing course that is designed to teach participants how to better understand the mechanics of weightlifting, learn and identify technical cues, and how to properly apply Olympic weightlifting and programming to athletes in various sports. All trainers will receive NSCA credit hours.

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Inversion Seminar for Beginners

Handstands, walking on one’s hands, and inversion in general are fun skills, but generally, and unnecessarily, limited to gymnasts and the “elite” athlete.

The legitimate concern of falling over backwards is what thwarts most people from mastering handstands. This nagging apprehension, lurking at the periphery of the psyche prevents one from fully committing to the movement. Happily, a few simple principles can ensure falling safely, even gracefully.  This 3-hour course has 3 main objectives:

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