Don’t Neglect Your Warm-up

The most important aspect of training that many people neglect is the warm-up. Without a proper warm-up, the entire subsequent training session will be affected. Often times, people are eager to get into the gym and begin their training immediately – whether it’s due to the fact that they are short on time, or just their overall enthusiasm to begin weightlifting.

Without warming up properly, your body will not be prepared to move in the fashion that it needs in order to perform these complex exercises correctly. The need to warm those areas up further is incredibly important, especially for athletes who have had injuries or are tight in specific areas. I tell people all the time that if they have an hour allocated for training, it is more beneficial to spend forty-five minutes warming up and fifteen minutes lifting rather than spend five minutes warming up and fifty-five minutes lifting.

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Keep Swinging Low

Weightlifting is a sport where you’re constantly fighting against gravity. Gravity is a force that we face in our every day lives that we must constantly counter and resist. When trying to hoist more kilos overhead, our bodies are always going to be fighting harder against the effects of gravity.

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What is Rolfing, and is it good for Weightlifters?

The notion that body maintenance, such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture or self-care such as stretching would have a benefit to weightlifters does not seem difficult to accept. But what the devil is Rolfing, and would that be of at least equal benefit as the above-mentioned modalities to the weightlifting community?

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