Competition Recap

Our very own Mountain Man (AKA Richard Condon) recently competed at the American Masters Championships in Buffalo and had a record breaking competition. Not only did he successfully complete all six of his attempts, but he increased his competition total by 6kg which earned him a second place finish in his class. More is in store for Richard as he prepares for Masters Nationals!

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What is Rolfing, and is it good for Weightlifters?

The notion that body maintenance, such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture or self-care such as stretching would have a benefit to weightlifters does not seem difficult to accept. But what the devil is Rolfing, and would that be of at least equal benefit as the above-mentioned modalities to the weightlifting community?

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Patience is a Virtue

Much like building a house, the establishment of a good foundation is requisite for the structure above. In weightlifting, the same principle applies. All too often I see videos posted of people performing the lifts and they miss a few small but essential pieces that have a great effect on their body and the barbell once it is broken from the floor. Instagram is loaded with videos of people attempting heavier weight, as well as series of videos and reviews by coaches or other athletes. In all The videos that I have witnessed I have never seen one that actually addresses properly approaching the body to the barbell. If the body is not aligned properly from the start any error will compound the further the bar gets from the floor.


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NYWA @ The Nutmeg Open

This past weekend, the New York Weightlifting Academy participated in the Nutmeg Open in New Haven, Connecticut. The contest was split over two days, with one women’s session on Saturday and two men’s sessions on Sunday.

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Lift More, Think Less

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve begun a lift only to stop mid-way through; “Clarking,” as weightlifters refer to it.

“What happened?” My coach might ask.

“I started thinking.”

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Six Observations from a Masters Athlete

When I was asked to write this piece, my reaction was “Why me? I’m Masters, but surely not an athlete.” To me, an athlete was someone who had spent their life training, focused, competing. I came of age as Title IX was being implemented, so girls’ teams were relatively new. In my family, girls simply did not play sports beyond the occasional softball game. More than that, though, I was always told I was just not athletic. Add to that the fact that I didn’t care if I could run fast or jump high, and you get it. Not an athlete. Don’t really care. Until I started to lift. Guess what? I am an athlete. Doesn’t matter that I haven’t been lifting or playing sports for 30 years, or that I did back in the day and am back to it. I train, I study, I learn, I listen, and I compete. As a weightlifter. The lessons I’ve learned can apply to any sport.


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NYWA @ Brooklyn Barbell

The New York Weightlifting Academy made the journey down to Brooklyn this past weekend to compete at the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Barbell Open. Only two of our athletes competed, but it turned out to be a great day of competition for both.

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Summer ’16 at NYWA: Tyera Zweygardt

Tyera Zweygardt attends Arizona State University as an undergraduate student, but will be working with the New York Weightlifting Academy over the next year. She will be offering private coaching sessions during this time.

Despite being involved in Olympic Weightlifting for only three years, she has amassed a noteworthy resumé, and has competed at local, national, and international levels.

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Olympic Weightlifting Coaches Course

The New York Weightlifting Academy will be offering an instructional Coaches Course on Saturday, June 4th. This comprehensive course for both coaches and athletes is designed to increase the understanding of coaching and training in Olympic Weightlifting. Coaches and athletes will learn the fundamental tenets of Olympic Weightlifting, as well as how to properly instruct them.

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