Trust Your Technique

With the recent release of the latest Star Wars movie, I vividly recall watching the original Star Wars with the climactic scene where Luke Skywalker is the Rebellion’s last hope to destroy the Death Star. When the time came take the critical shot, Luke is advised by Obi-Wan Kenobi to turn off the guidance system and trust the Force when taking the shot. At the time, I could not believe he would turn off the computer. But, of course he did, and later we realize that was the only possible path to success.

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The Bar Path Obsession

All too often athletes and coaches become fixated upon bar path. With the proliferation of both easily recordable and shareable videos and bar tracking apps, there is a seemingly growing list of tools that can be used to analyze lifts.

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A Methodical Approach to Training

People with varied and diverse backgrounds come to the NY Weightlifting Academy with a common goal – to improve their Olympic Weightlifting capabilities. In my short time with the NYWA, I’ve seen so many make improvements they did not think possible, from young Juniors to the more experienced Masters.

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Meet The Coaches

While we often put up pictures and videos highlighting all of the lifters within the New York weightlifting Academy, seldom do we feature any lifting or credentials from the coaches.

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Westchester Spring Weightlifting Competition & Introductory Meet

The New York Weightlifting Academy is joining forces with Downstate Barbell for a one of kind combo weightlifting competition that will be held Downstate Crossfit on a Sunday, May 7th! This will include a 20 athlete max USAW sanctioned competition (by invitation only) and a non-sanctioned Introductory meet open to all beginner lifters and CrossFit friends.

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Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes Seminar

Olympic Weightlifting For Athletes is an all-encompassing course that is designed to teach participants how to better understand the mechanics of weightlifting, learn and identify technical cues, and how to properly apply Olympic weightlifting and programming to athletes in various sports. All trainers will receive NSCA credit hours.

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Don’t Neglect Your Warm-up

The most important aspect of training that many people neglect is the warm-up. Without a proper warm-up, the entire subsequent training session will be affected. Often times, people are eager to get into the gym and begin their training immediately – whether it’s due to the fact that they are short on time, or just their overall enthusiasm to begin weightlifting.

Without warming up properly, your body will not be prepared to move in the fashion that it needs in order to perform these complex exercises correctly. The need to warm those areas up further is incredibly important, especially for athletes who have had injuries or are tight in specific areas. I tell people all the time that if they have an hour allocated for training, it is more beneficial to spend forty-five minutes warming up and fifteen minutes lifting rather than spend five minutes warming up and fifty-five minutes lifting.

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Inversion Seminar for Beginners

Handstands, walking on one’s hands, and inversion in general are fun skills, but generally, and unnecessarily, limited to gymnasts and the “elite” athlete.

The legitimate concern of falling over backwards is what thwarts most people from mastering handstands. This nagging apprehension, lurking at the periphery of the psyche prevents one from fully committing to the movement. Happily, a few simple principles can ensure falling safely, even gracefully.  This 3-hour course has 3 main objectives:

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Keep Swinging Low

Weightlifting is a sport where you’re constantly fighting against gravity. Gravity is a force that we face in our every day lives that we must constantly counter and resist. When trying to hoist more kilos overhead, our bodies are always going to be fighting harder against the effects of gravity.

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